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Hólar Beer Festival 2024

Saturday the 1st of June

Holar Gymnasium

ESBBitter 5.5%

Bitter - Extra Special / Strong (ESB)


Margarita fire-baked Italian pizza with fresh mozzarella from the local dairy and fresh basil from Laugamýri.

2000 kr.

Pulled pork

Pulled pork, home-smoked pork with coleslaw on sourdough bread. BBQ sauce for those who wish.

2000 kr.

Chicken Wings

Hot and crispy chicken wings with blue cheese sauce, first smoked then deep fried.

2000 kr.


American waffle stick with various dips, e.g. chocolate, fruit and more.

500 kr.

Sheep burger

Sheep burger with cheese and coleslaw, mustard and mayonnaise

2500 kr.

Sheep sausages

Grilled lamb sausages with potato salad, chimichurri and pickled red onion

2500 kr.

  • 15:00 The doors open, breweries present their products and food stalls offer delicious food for sale.
  • 16:00 Kegrun in the bishop's garden
  • 17:00 Raffle, prizes include accommodation at the tourism office in Hólum, a day of brewing at the beer center, etc. All impressive prizes
  • 18:30 Pole results announced, best stand and best beer
  • 19:00 End of program

A beer festival

In the old gymnasium of holar college the breweries assemble and offer guests a taste of their products. Outside locals have set up foodstalls selling food made from local sources. A tent has been set up where guests can sit down and enjoy their meal. In the Bishops yard you'll find the Kegrun track.

Entrance to the festival ground

Included in the ticket price is a special glass labeled with the festival logo and access to the festival area and the stands of the breweries where you can refill your glass during the festival. Tickets for the festival are sold at the entrance and at Tix.is. Ticket price is ISK 7800.

The most popular beer?

Visitors are encouraged to walk around the gymnasium, chat with brewers and taste their products. Each guest can then use a special QR code printed on the ticket to vote for their favorite beer. At the end of the festival, the results are announced and prizes are awarded for the top three beers.


The beer festival raffle is famous for many great prices. Undoubtedly, the most sought-after prize is a day of brewing in Holar, where the winner is invited to help out at the Icelandic Brewing Center for one day and reap the rewards.


A ticket also entitles you to participate in the festival's Kegrun. A real sports competition where your strength, agility and technique are tested in an exciting competition. In the kegrun, competitors roll an empty beerkeg along a marked track in the shortest possible time, using only their feet. Each competitor can compete as many times as he or she likes. Prizes are awarded in the men's and women's categories. Do you have what it takes to be this year's Kegrunner?

The Icelandic Beer Society

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Good T-shirts adourned with the Icelandic Beer Society logo

The Icelandic Beer Society


Souvenir glasses from previous festival's