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The Icelandic Beer Society

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The Icelandic Beer Society an association of beer enthusiasts based in Hólar in Hjaltadal. The brewery runs a bar in an old barn at Holar in Hjaltadalur, where a worker's apartment used to be. At the bar, the emphasis is on a good selection of purchased beer mixed with our own production. At the Society, groups can receive light education about beer, beer-making and beer culture, but it is important to keep in mind that all work on behalf of the Bjórsetrin is done on a voluntary basis and it is not always certain that someone will be available to carry out such projects. Contact us to explore the possibilities.

The Icelandic Beer Society operates a brewery in the old dairy house. It provides excellent facilities for the smallest brewery in the country. In the brewery, various attempts are made to brew strange beers mixed with traditional beers, but all the society beers are fun beers.

Society beers are sold in the bar on the floor above and also in selected restaurants around the country.